I am proud to present to you the book I wrote: 

“The Best Version of Yourself”

This book was created from a personal place.From countless discussions with myself about food, sports, quality time to myself, paying attention to my husband and kids, self-realization, dreams and goals in life.

The book talks about a healthy lifestyle, self-fulfillment and answers questions such as:

  • What do you eat when you want to lose weight?
  • Which workout is better for cardio or weights?
  • How do you connect to meditation and paralyze your brain?
  • What do you eat on vacation?
  • How do you divide time between family and self-realization?  

    In short, how to be the best version of yourself?

Why should you read my book?

Because it is a winning combination of a personal and moving story with extensive information and practical elements for success in life.

At last you will understand how to stop embracing excuses, silence the inner “demons” and find out what is the “gift” you have come to with the world and through it get to experience self-realization.


My story is not only easy to connect to, but it is also easy to identify yourself in it and use it as an example and motivation for your journey.

The book is written in a light and understandable way. It is full of examples of existing clients who have changed or are still in the process of changing, and it is suitable for anyone looking to make changes in their lives.

Throughout the book there are a variety of tips and ideas on how to lead a healthy lifestyle, the book answers practical questions and is full of examples from everyday life. 

What do customers who have read the book say?

Take full control of your reality And begin making a change now

I invite you to look into my private life and understand what I went through and what tools helped me to be the best version of myself.

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