Fitness and Nutrition Sessions

Fitness and Nutrition coaching sessions are meant to help you live a healthy lifestyle by maintaining a healthy relationship with your body: what you put in (food), what you put out (exercise), and what you think about.


Energy In (Food)

You will begin a daily food log which I will monitor. I observe how your eating habits affect your healthy lifestyle goals.

Energy Out (Exercise)

I create personalized exercise programs for you based on your needs, your wants, and my professional recommendation.


This is the most important part of Fitness and Nutrition coaching. Mindset is more than 80% of the equation. It is up to your mindset if you are going to reach your goals. I can give you the perfect food menu and I can train your body, but you will never reach your goals if you are motivated by negative beliefs such as, “I am not strong enough”, “I will never be skinny”, “I have heavy bones”, etc. I help you overcome these unconscious scripts that pollute your mind and stop you from reaching your goals.



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