Osnat Michelle Shabtay

Transformation Coach

Osnat Michelle Shabtay

Transformation Coach

Welcome to the site that will teach you how to make change and take the reins of life in your hands.

We all wish ourselves a little more in life:

If only I was a little thinner, a little richer.
If only I would find a relationship and love.
If only I would fulfill myself and enjoy self-realization and peace of mind.

We all have dreams and goals that we want to conquer.

One person wants to lose weight, get toned and live a healthy lifestyle.
Another person wants to develop a prosperous career and express his inner self 
And there are those who seek to realize the “gift” or natural talent they have, their destiny.


How do you do that?

How do you create change in life, fulfill dreams and conquer goals?

Hi, my name is Osnat Michel Shabtay, it’s nice to meet you and welcome you to my homepage.

I am a certified fitness trainer, nutritionist and an active competitor in fitness and bikini competitions.

What exactly does this mean?

That I am very knowledgeable about body health, toning, building muscle mass, and lowering body fat.

I have a private and exclusive studio in Los Angeles where I teach proper nutrition and train a large portion of my clients, the rest I train and coach over the internet.

Since I believe in a holistic approach, I have learned and trained to be a Master of NLP, which is Neurolinguistic Programming.

NLP helps us make changes from the inside, at the subconscious level

it gives us tools to get rid of habits that do not contribute

and helps us realize our goals and objectives.

Any change that we just want to do, if we do it first in the head, will be feasible and real.

The book includes a guide with practical tools from the NLP world.  

You can read more about NLP and understand how it can change your life in a book I wrote 

“The best version of yourself.”

The book tells the story of my life and explains how NLP helped me be the best version of myself, with the motivation to continue learning and improving.

So what is there here for you?

Extensive information on how to make changes in life, achieve self-realization and fulfill dreams.

Short and interesting posts with lots of current and up-to-date information on correct and clean eating, hormones, body glands, digestive system and more.

Photos and videos of eating right and fitness exercises that will help you lose weight and get better.

Professional tools from NLP coaching that will help you identify limiting personal barriers that keep you away from your dreams and keep you “stuck” in your place.

And lastly, success stories of people who have managed to change and what some of my current and past clients have to share about their journey with me. 

Every climb on a high mountain begins with one small step.

Ready to take the first step toward achieving your dreams?

Do not say tomorrow or start thinking about all the reasons why you will fail.

Successful people concentrate on why they will succeed, and ignore the internal “voices” that give them all the possible reasons for failure.

You can manage your life and create a desired reality for yourself.

You can make changes at the subconscious level and become the type of person you dream of being.

On what does it depend? Only you.

More than ten years ago I underwent a major change. I silenced the “ghosts,” those inner voices that kept me stuck in place and became the person I had long wished to be. I learned how to make changes in life, I knew my subconscious, which is what really manages me, and I created for myself a desirable reality in which I love and live in peace with myself and my body. 

Now it’s your turn!

Sounds magical right? It’s magical but also real.

You are invited to dive into my world.

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