In order to lose weight, do I have to exercise?

In order to lose weight, do I have to exercise?

A lot of the people I talk with are convinced that they are not losing weight because they don’t work out.

They start a specific diet, follow a strict menu closely, but for some reason, they don’t lose weight (at least not at the rate that they thought they would) and they are quick to blame this on the fact that they don’t work out.

Contrary to popular belief, if we don’t work out but still diet enough where we decrease our caloric intake per day we will still lose weight. Eating right contributes to about 90% of our weight loss, whereas working out only contributes 10%.

With these percentages, why should one even put the effort and workout?

The answer is for a lot of reasons, most of which I will go over here, but most importantly we need and want to workout because of our muscle-fat balance.

What is our muscle-fat balance?

The way our body looks is determined by our skinny body mass (muscles and body fluids) and our fat mass.

For example, a woman who weighs 140 pounds and watches what she eats will look completely different from a woman who weighs 140 pounds but doesn’t work out and doesn’t watch what she eats. Her muscle mass percentage will be small and as a result, most of her weight comes from fat.

Our muscles are the heaviest components of our bodies and require constant attention. Our body burns a lot of calories feeding the muscles, fixing them, enlarging them and building new muscles as well. As a result, the more muscles we have the more calories we burn (more muscles result in a higher metabolism).

In addition, I will look completely different with muscles and without muscles. Are you familiar with those skinny people whose whole body is kind of jiggiling? I call it “SKINNY FAT” in slimming alone. About 25% of the weight we lose is muscle mass, meaning that if we lose 10 kg, we lose 2.5 kg of muscle mass. But if we train for only half an hour four times a week, we can reduce it to 15%.

Beyond that, we now know that exercise is very important for our health. If we only train for half an hour four times a week, we can save ourselves a list of more than 40 chronic illnesses (diseases that do not have a cure and we spend the rest of our lives dealing with them, ex: diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol, etc.).

In addition, studies show that 95% of people who lost weight end up gaining it back. So what do the 5% who don’t gain it back do?  The answer – make a switch in their brain.

People who work out sleep better at night, have more energy and are less stressed and nervous (working out helps relieve stress).

And one last thing, exercise helps speed up the process of losing weight, significantly reduces your chances of regaining the weight and most  importantly gives you a lean, healthy body.

So go ahead and workout, who are  you waiting for?

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