It’s not just weakness, it’s a drop in muscle mass – and it’s called sarcopenia.

It’s not just weakness, it’s a drop in muscle mass – and it’s called sarcopenia.

For years it was acceptable to think that it was impossible to run a mile in under four minutes. Doctors and scientists argued that it’שs dangerous for the lungs and the heart and that trying to beat the four-minute record could even be deadly.

Many people tried, but they failed and failed.

This continued until an Australian man by the name of Roger Banister beat the record. He ran a 3: 59.4-minute mile on May 6, 1954.

The whole world looked at Banister in shock and many people questioned how he accomplished such an achievement.

What was the difference between Banister and the plenty of other people who tried to run a less than 4 minute before him?

The answer: IMAGINATION!

A long time before he broke a world record and ran a mile in under four minutes he constantly dreamt and imagined how he would do it.

“Day and night I would see the same picture in my head: me running, passing the finish line, picking up my head to look at the clock and seeing 3:59 minutes.”

Banister broke a world record because he chose to use his imagination and focus only on his end goal.

No in the journey, not in the training, not in the hardships, not in his starting points, and definitely not in all those times where he tried to run a less than 4-minute mile and failed.

Banister imagined the end result over and over again until his imagination embedded itself into it’s unconscious mind, where it then turned into his reality – he was able to run a mile in less than 4 minutes!

So a second before you decide to make a change, to lose weight, to tone your body, to live a healthier life…stop for a second and ask yourself what you focus on?

Do you focus on those same things that prevent you from making a change?

For example,

“I like to eat”

“I’m too lazy to make myself food”

“I’m addicted to chocolate”

“I can’t control myself”

“It takes too much time and too much energy”

“I hate working out”

Or do you imagine yourself, just like Banister, at your end result?

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