How do we make real changes in life at the subconscious level?

How do we make real changes in life at the subconscious level?

Did you know that:

Our brain is incapable of distinguishing between the story we tell ourselves and the reality we really perceive.

Every second our nervous system, through the senses and internal speech (thoughts), absorbs about 400 billion pieces of information. Of those 400 billion pieces, only 2,000 particles enter the brain and are translated into reality.

This explains why two people can be in the same place and situation but experience a completely different reality.

What 2,000 particles of information does your nervous system choose to enter into the brain and build with them the reality of your life?

Can we choose the particles of information and change the reality of our lives? The answer is YES!

With NLP training you can control the reality of your life and change. 

The acronym NLP abbreviates Neuro Linguistic Programming or in Hebrew, “Neural Programming Language”.

It is a method that allows us to create changes in our automated thinking software through our language.

The method was developed in the 1970’s by a team of researchers led by Dr. Richard Bandler (mathematician) and Prof. John Grinder (linguist). The two wanted to understand what distinguishes people who are excellent from those who are average. From their findings, the NLP method was born.

NLP training is suitable for clients

  • who want to change behavior that does not help them (example: procrastination or irritability)
  • who want to get rid of negative habits that do not push them forward (example: smoking and uncontrolled drinking of alcohol)
  • who want to get rid of the phobias and fears that dominate their lives
  • who feel stuck in the place they are at
  • who are successful people who want to move on to the next stage, to break boundaries and realize themselves. 


The method changes people from the ground up (at the subconscious level) and does so in a way where they stick to those changes for the rest of their life.

NLP training takes about an hour and usually after 5-8 sessions the client can experience and notice a change.  

How is NLP coaching different from a meeting with a psychologist?

Unlike therapy with a psychologist, the NLP method does not focus on the content of the problem, rather in the way we have created the problem in the brain.

For example, suppose I have fear of public places. Treatment with a psychologist will focus on the source of the problem, why does it exist? And what happened in the past that caused it?

NLP therapy will focus on how I created this problem in the brain and reprograming my way of thinking (which created the problem).

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