I am a great believer in self-realization – in following our dreams and in realizing them.

In my mid-thirties, when my children were growing up and a bit more independent, I started looking for what to do with myself. I would drop off my kids at school, go to the supermarket, prepare food, clean the house, talk a little on the phone and before I noticed it, it would be time to pick up them up and start the evening routine of homework, dinner, showers, etc.

Everything seemed to be going on peacefully. I knew what my day looked like and was comfortable.

But inside. Inside everything is burning

“This is it?” I would ask myself, “this is my life?”

I have an amazing husband, beautiful children, the laundry is folded, and there’s food on the stove. There isn’t more to life than that?

Even though I enjoyed my kids and husband, I lacked self-fulfillment. I would ask myself, “where are all my dreams? passions? the desire to change and truly to influence?”

My problem was that I did not know what I really wanted to really do with my life. Until now, I was passive, I let my life flow right in front of me.

I served in the army, worked as a waitress, went to university, got married, and became a mom.

How did I go from that to finding my destiny in life and continuing being a housewife but with a thriving studio?

The answer I just wrote – I took a yellow pad and a pen and made a list of all the things I love to do that make me happy and make me smile.

When that did not help I just asked people like my mother, my sister and brother, my husband and my friends, “what am I good at?”


Then Mira, my best friend, said to me, “Are you serious? You like to be exercise and stay healthy, you love to learn about the human body and understand how it works.”

From that moment, everything was already history – as soon as I realized my destiny I could not be stopped.

A year and a half after she told me this I opened a small studio in my garage and ten years later I opened a studio on Ventura Boulevard, a main street in Los Angeles.

So yes, today I’m a girl chasing her dreams and making them come to life, but as you can see I wasn’t always like this. I simply believed in myself and refused to accept the verdict.

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