Subjective Reality

Subjective Reality

Not too long ago I sat at the beach with a friend.

In front of me were two friends with their kids.

One of them put her hand on her forehead to cover the warm sun and called the other over

The other friend walked near her and said,

“No way am I sitting in the sun, I need shade. Anyways, my kids are white and I can’t sit with them in the sun”

The friend looked at me and said,

“Did you hear her, how rude of her. Is she trying to say that the other kids are black?”

“Could be” I said, “but why does that make her mean?

And besides that, maybe she really just doesn’t want to sit in the sun with her kids.”

My friend and I witnessed the same situation.

Yet each of us interpreted the situation completely differently.

The interpretation that we give ourself of what we notice is fully subjective.

And it is based off of the personal filters we each have.

Not every person is against us, a lot of the time, it is just a personal interpretation.

My friend was offended for the woman that was in front of us in the sun because somewhere in her subconscious mind, she has a limited belief that black is not as good as white.

She isn’t necessarily aware of it, but it caused her to get offended and to take it personally.

I didn’t get offended for her because I seems I don’t have a limited belief in my subconscious mind and therefore, I didn’t perceive what she did as wrong.

We all have automatic limited beliefs in our subconscious mind.

The limited beliefs control us and affect the way we see our reality.

With the help of NLP coaching, we can identify our limited beliefs and change them.

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